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winning over the consumer - die Kundenbindung Last post 22 Apr 06, 19:24
win over transitive verb Definitions: persuade somebody to agree: to persuade somebody t…2 Replies
Geld gewinnen – winning vs earningLast post 15 Dec 16, 09:34
I am having some problems with a foreign language assistant from South Germany. In her first…6 Replies
winning spiritLast post 11 Feb 09, 17:41
If I had to pick just one value that my father instilled in me, above all else, it would be …3 Replies
winning agendaLast post 01 Sep 08, 07:36
Good news fill the air;Your priorities guide a winning agenda now. Das ist der ganze Text. …4 Replies
winning arcLast post 12 Feb 08, 10:28
winning arc "Good luck to everyone, and the winning arc will begin the week of February 11t…6 Replies
game-winningLast post 04 Feb 08, 16:25
Eli Manning led a game-winning scoring drive late in the fourth quarter to give the Giants a…1 Replies
winning spreeLast post 16 Feb 11, 00:04
There has been a winning spree in the casino... Gewinnensrausch? kann man das so sagen?6 Replies
winning ratio Last post 27 Jan 10, 08:24
Hallo Liebe Leute, was ist auf Deutsch "winning ratio" bei einem shooting Kampfgame? Viele…2 Replies
winning ladiesLast post 25 May 12, 14:28
a screen decorated with winning Elizabethan ladies gewinnend, attraktiv?1 Replies
promotion-winning side - AufstiegsligaLast post 03 Jan 07, 19:05
Noel Blake was a legendary Pompey defender in the '88 promotion-winning side, a towering cen…1 Replies