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Der Gedankenstrich
Der Gedankenstrich(englisch dash) tritt häufig paarweise auf undunterbricht – oft zur Hervorhebung – den Satzfluss. Gedankenstriche werdendeswegen eher bei informellen Schreibanläs…
Die häufigste Position von already im Satz ist die Mittelstellung, also:→ vor dem Vollverb → nach dem Verb to be → nach dem ersten Hilfsverb oder ModalverbZur Betonung, aber auch, …

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convince oneselfLast post 08 Aug 08, 05:22
"He's trying to convince himself that it never really happened."1 Replies
convince (of)Last post 12 Jun 09, 08:41
but first i have to convince my familiy that i´m not going to die. Den Satz hab ich grad in ei3 Replies
"convince through sth." oder "convince with sth."Last post 10 Aug 10, 15:39
The Barrier System AS200 convinces through high flexibility. The Barrier System AS200 conv…2 Replies
convince vs. persuadeLast post 27 Jul 07, 15:28
Hope this hasn't been asked before. is there a difference between the use of convince and th…7 Replies
to convince = transitiv?Last post 08 Mar 09, 15:11
Hallo, Ich kenne bisher immer nur "It convinces me/the audience that..." etc. Nun schreibt…2 Replies
convince vs. persuadeLast post 23 Oct 09, 07:29
What is the difference between convince and persuade?4 Replies
inform and convince of/about (???)Last post 07 Feb 11, 18:14
They strive to inform and convice decision-makers on / about / of effective strategies in ..…5 Replies
All that remained was to convince...Last post 05 Jul 15, 22:35
All that remained was to convince Americans and the UN that Saddam Hussein was dangerous. A…5 Replies
They failed to convince me, however, that the term...Last post 27 Aug 08, 14:21
They failed to convince me, however, that the term "war on terror" should not be thrown out.…4 Replies
to convince someone of doing or to do somethingLast post 27 Apr 16, 15:31
Is a "to-infinitive" construction used after the verb to convince or a gerund?So, is it gram…5 Replies

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