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distinguished by groupingLast post 15 Apr 20, 09:25
Hi all,I am currently writing a term paper about IT security and privacy and I have a questi…9 Replies
distinguishedLast post 09 Aug 07, 21:48
Doctrine of Binding Precedent (…) However, decisions are only binding if the facts of the ca1 Replies
distinguishedLast post 13 Sep 09, 17:35
Frontier - He argued that this notion of expansion distinguished Americans from Europeans. 8 Replies
prägend - distinguished byLast post 26 Oct 05, 15:52
Das Gebäude, aus der mit Stolz und Prunk prägenden Berliner Kaiserzeit, ... The building of…5 Replies
Conventionally it is distinguished between - it is distinguished betweenLast post 09 Nov 09, 18:06
Conventionally it is distinguished between autobiography and biography. Kann ich distiguishe…5 Replies
distinguished fromLast post 21 Jun 07, 12:47
packaging-related PV module failure is ditinguished from cell failure..... was genau bedeut…1 Replies
distinguished guestsLast post 15 Oct 08, 18:49
Thank you all. ...distinguished guests and my fellowe citizens. Abgrenzen oder aueinanderhal3 Replies
distinguished byLast post 02 Apr 09, 23:45
The evening altogether passed off pleasantly to the whole family. Mrs. Bennet had seen her e…2 Replies
Distinguished, lovelyLast post 26 Jun 09, 12:31
Here we see the distinguished founder of the company and his lovely wife, Sarah. Mir geht e…8 Replies
Distinguished ProfessorLast post 03 Dec 09, 22:51
"Lisa Bower is Distinguished Professor of Archeology at Hunter College and the Graduate Cent…15 Replies