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organization/organisationLast post 15 Oct 04, 12:10
I just noticed something odd in the thesaurus of Word: For "organization" the thesaurus off…6 Replies
legal organizationLast post 20 May 08, 21:06
Legal Organization Any request for approval by me or my designated representative under th…0 Replies
organization-setLast post 07 Jan 07, 23:51
The term "organization-set" has been proposed by Evan(1963) as analogous to the role-set con…0 Replies
commercial organizationLast post 20 Jul 08, 15:16
We intend to invest and add personnel to the global commercial organization in order to driv…1 Replies
functional organizationLast post 14 Nov 07, 22:21
Hallo zusammen, zum Thema Projektmanagement kam mir folgender Text unter. Leider fehlt mir n…1 Replies
host organizationLast post 01 Oct 09, 14:11
Other corporate vehicles, e.g. spin-outs, are used where the host organization does not have…4 Replies
governance organizationLast post 06 Jan 09, 16:40
A full internal and external governance organization has been set up to manage these program…1 Replies
line organizationLast post 16 Sep 08, 22:25
On an equal footing with the line organization of clients and customers. Es geht um client …6 Replies
Organization announcement:Last post 07 Aug 09, 09:49
zwecks Ankündigung eines neuen Mitarbeiters in einem Unternehmen. Irgendwie fällt mir die d…2 Replies
organization(s)Last post 20 May 09, 14:51
During the strategic planning process an organization attempts to configure a supply chain w…1 Replies

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