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composition - HintereinanderausführungLast post 05 Jan 07, 09:49 I never heard anyone using "Kompositi…3 Replies
compositionLast post 07 Nov 06, 16:58
Accordingly, by adding tin, which is more cost effective than Ca and rare earth elements in …5 Replies
compositionLast post 06 Oct 10, 10:57
x) the other party having requested a composition or postponement of payment, Versteh ich …3 Replies
relative compositionLast post 19 Jan 09, 12:10
"Consumers would be misled on the relative composition of different products." Es geht um A…1 Replies
public compositionLast post 08 Oct 08, 09:21
Dieser Ausdruck steht in einem Liefervertrag zwischen zwei Firmen unter dem Punkt Vertragsbe…2 Replies
freshman compositionLast post 11 Feb 08, 12:14
teaching freshman composition wie ist composition als Unterrichtsfach zu übersetzen? Der D…2 Replies
partnership compositionLast post 12 Mar 08, 15:07
partnership composition in a proposal for an EU project I need the german word for partners…2 Replies
body compositionLast post 09 Jul 07, 14:26
In support of this, xyz will present research looking at the impact of consuming z as part o…6 Replies
lipid compositionLast post 13 Dec 07, 23:39
The response to cAMP is independent of lipid composition. Hast das soviel wie, das die Antw…8 Replies
proximal compositionLast post 07 Jul 08, 14:07
"... to determine the proximal composition ... of the acai pulp." Für mich ist das leider w2 Replies

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