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    proceed (Verb)

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proceeding - Verfahren, ProzeßLast post 21 Feb 06, 19:38
I was told the singular is wrong - is it?1 Replies
proceeding - die VerhandlungLast post 24 Oct 08, 08:09
Leo:\tproceeding [law]\t \tdie Gerichtsverhandlung http://www.epo.org/patents/law/legal-tex…0 Replies
*proceeding*Last post 25 Sep 06, 15:42
The thermoplastic elastomer composition according to the present invention is a thermoplasti…1 Replies
Declaratory Judgment Proceeding - VorabentscheidungsverfahrenLast post 08 Jan 09, 16:20
Treaty of the European Union Art. 267 (ex 234) Compare Barron's Law Dictionry 3rd. p. 121. A…1 Replies
Vorermittlung - preliminary proceedingLast post 07 Jan 11, 11:49
Die Staatsanwaltschaft nimmt dann Vorermittlungen auf, wenn sie einen Verdacht hegt, aber no…1 Replies
courtroom proceeding - GerichtsverhandlungLast post 16 Mar 09, 18:34
Media have been allowed to watch the trial's start in Sankt Pölten, but further courtroom pr…1 Replies
the proceeding / prcedure - Das GeschehenLast post 28 Jun 07, 13:04
To control proceedings. Das Geschehen kontrollieren. Aus der Internetquelle www.dict.cc Das…0 Replies
summary proceedingLast post 19 Mar 09, 22:26
Keith, who understood better than the others the look on his mother's face, took his blubber…10 Replies
service of proceedingLast post 10 May 09, 03:24
We undertake that we will within fourteen (14) days of receipt from you or your solicitor´s re.0 Replies
Translation Procurement ProceedingLast post 06 Nov 12, 10:53
SCWP was acting on behalf of (companies name) and won a review case before the Austrian Fede…6 Replies