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eclipsed, ellipse Eklipse, Ellipse

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dim-out, occultation, occult, darkening

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eclipseLast post 22 May 12, 08:58
I could best see the eclipse through my T-shirt. Context: The eclipse could be best physica…10 Replies
eclipse - die FinsternisLast post 27 Aug 12, 13:51
Langenscheidts Schulwoerterbuch Englisch, voellige Neubearb. 1986 und siehe unten Zwar sind…2 Replies
EclipseLast post 23 Dec 08, 20:51
What we have in common eclipses our differences. Unsere Gemeinsamkeiten lassen unsere Unter…6 Replies
eclipseLast post 13 Apr 10, 20:47
This reflects the eclipse of her power. Ich verstehs nicht genau in diesem Zusammenhang. Co…6 Replies
to eclipse - in den Schatten stellenLast post 07 Sep 10, 18:01
Pons Woerterbuch Eintrag eclipse1 Replies
eclipse the boundsLast post 25 Mar 09, 18:37
This monumental work has eclipsed the bounds of a single time und place... (Gemälde "Guernic…2 Replies
to eclipse the rangeLast post 26 Nov 10, 18:31
Society had eclipsed the range of his being. Es geht um einen Wissenschaftler, der mal sehr…4 Replies
eclipse the range of his beingLast post 15 Nov 10, 18:23
Even with full faculties, Marshall´s life and experience might not have prepared him for evo…1 Replies
eclipse everything hitherto existing - alles bisher Dagewesene i.d. Schatten stellenLast post 29 Jul 12, 10:30
Siebenrock's Big Bore-Kit eclipses everything hitherto existing in 2-valve street legal flat…10 Replies
A solar eclipse! As rare as it is spectacular.Last post 25 Feb 12, 15:06
Hallo zusammen, eine Truppe Krieger wird von einer Sonnenfinsternis überrascht. Der Anführe…2 Replies

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