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examinee, examiner

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scrutinise, scrutinize, supervise

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examine and verifyLast post 18 May 09, 21:39
Is this word combination just a tautology along the lines of "free and exempt of" or "terms …9 Replies
discuss/examine/outline/exploreLast post 11 Nov 09, 16:45
these are the words that are normally used in essay questions, which general German words ar…2 Replies
kritisch beleuchten - examine criticallyLast post 28 Jan 10, 12:03
Übersetzung: In the context of „intelligent traffic systems“, the subjects driver assis3 Replies
Literatur sichten - (to) examine literatureLast post 12 Nov 10, 16:33
Oder: (to) review literature Which one sounds more native-speaking?1 Replies
wohlwollend prüfen - examine well-meaning manner?Last post 25 Oct 06, 11:27
Sollte Firma1 bis Ende September des Vertragsjahres ein Angebot für das Folgejahr vorlegen, …4 Replies
to examine a problemLast post 15 May 09, 20:12
Referring to the discussion on the question whether going on holiday in in fact a desirable …1 Replies
the need to examineLast post 20 Mar 16, 17:33
the need to examine the effect of possible biases on the market equilibriumist als Kritik zu…3 Replies
review the progress, examineLast post 03 Sep 15, 19:12
The committee will review the progress on the assessment of company-sponsored service acti4 Replies
to examine one's conscience - sein Gewissen erforschenLast post 05 May 12, 21:58
In Tertio Millenio Adveniente, in paragraph 36, Pope John Paul asked the Church to examine i…4 Replies
examine the accessed files - die heruntergeladenen Daten untersuchenLast post 08 Mar 17, 11:25
She looked up everyone who had downloaded the program. Then, one by one, she examined the ac…2 Replies