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indention, intention Intention

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figment, fantasia

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"The Invention of Germany"Last post 05 Feb 13, 14:58
In case anyone is interested, BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting a three-part history of Germany pr…81 Replies
nonce inventionLast post 28 Nov 07, 15:11
Like the alphabet, alphabetic letterpress print was a nonce invention. Was bedeutet "nonce"…1 Replies
subject inventionLast post 11 Jun 08, 12:10
kann leider keinen Kontext liefern, da der Begriff in einer Aufzählung vorkommt. Es geht abe…0 Replies
procedural inventionLast post 09 Apr 12, 13:33
Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist uses a system, such as a set of n…4 Replies
gemeinschaftlichen Erfindung - common inventionLast post 10 Oct 10, 23:00
Dazu räumt der Auftragnehmer dem Auftraggeber hiermit ein nicht ausschließliches, unwiderruf…5 Replies
Invention disclosure form Last post 04 May 05, 16:55
...only LMX (Leader-Member-Exchange) is significantly related to Invention disclosure forms …1 Replies
lees of inventionLast post 30 Aug 08, 08:55
"This thing," I exclaimed,"is a contemptible falshood - a poor hoax - the lees of invention …3 Replies
according to the present invention - erfindungsgemäßLast post 12 Aug 10, 15:30
"Das erfindungsgemäße zweistufige Herstellungsverfahren" I've been translating patents latly…9 Replies
erfindungsgemäß - as stipulated by the inventionLast post 01 Jul 14, 11:11
Beim erfindungsgemäßen Einsatz des Elementes zum ... -> When employing the element as stipul…2 Replies
teaching of an inventionLast post 27 Jun 07, 21:22
The teaching of the invention is a new . . . . . Viellleicht die Lehre der Erfindung .....?3 Replies