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lime sludge, lime slurry - Kalkschlamm - KalkschlämmeLast post 28 Dec 16, 10:05
https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=Kalkschl%C3%A4mme&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=ba5 Replies
lime rickeyLast post 18 Oct 07, 11:39
"Have a l.r.," she said.6 Replies
free lime - FreikalkLast post 07 Jun 07, 16:23
Quelle: Zementwörterbuch, Herstellung und Technologie, Bauverlag GmbH Wiesbaden und Berlin T…2 Replies
lime hydrate - KalkhydratLast post 23 Feb 07, 09:11
mixture with hydrated lime can be used for gelöschter kalk und kalkhydrat wird soweit ich da…5 Replies
good curryhouse round liverpool lime streetLast post 27 Nov 07, 08:40
Hello everyone, I am heading off to Liverpool tonight and am staying in the centre of Liverp…0 Replies
lime stone powder - KalksteinmehlLast post 09 Oct 12, 19:40
CaCO3 Gemahlene Kalkstein-Produkte finden Anwendung in der Rauchgasentschwefelung fossil gef…2 Replies
Lime Cement Plaster - KalkzementputzLast post 21 Jun 07, 14:40
Facilities Engineering "The Directorate of Engineering and Housing Dictionary" Ich wuerde mi…1 Replies
to lime - kalkenLast post 07 Jun 08, 14:34
To lime means to add the substance lime to soil, especially in order to control the acid in …1 Replies
lime burning - KalkbrennenLast post 14 Oct 03, 21:34
The principal products of quarries are building and paving stones, slates, limestone for lim…0 Replies
Kalkbergwerk - lime mineLast post 30 Jun 05, 10:35
Ist das richtig oder gibt es einen besseren Ausdruck? Danke für Eure Hilfe.5 Replies