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map - die ReliefkarteLast post 23 Nov 11, 09:19
relief map n. A map that depicts land configuration, usually with contour lines. The Ameri…3 Replies
engine map - MotorkennraumLast post 09 Apr 04, 00:38
Das Wort "Motorkennraum" habe ich noch nie gehört, es erzielt keine google- Treffer und mach…0 Replies
Topographic mapLast post 10 Dec 17, 17:58
Hello Everyone,Would anybody mind checking my text below? I am interested in hearing your th…16 Replies
on the map / in the mapLast post 06 Oct 10, 17:04
Verschiedene Länder sind auf der Karte rot eingezeichnet. Some countries are red on / in th…2 Replies
on the map/in the mapLast post 29 Jan 09, 15:20
The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is the third-largest of a total of seven reservations in Mo…1 Replies
route map.... - route map....Last post 02 Oct 07, 12:49
"So, a "route map" that minimizes execution risk and challenges and changes pre-acquisiton b…5 Replies
Weather map for EuropeLast post 14 Jul 10, 11:13
I've just been Googling for a weather map website showing all of Europe, like you see on the…33 Replies
BBC Word MapLast post 23 Aug 05, 11:27
"In Liverpool you're made up, in the Black Country you're bostin. All around the UK, we're c…3 Replies
map vs mappingLast post 01 Apr 08, 19:10
Man kann wohl mit beiden Wörtern den mathematischen Begriff "Abbildung" übersetzen. Gibt es …3 Replies
read a mapLast post 13 Jan 12, 22:05
Which verb would one use for "to read a map"? It seems I can't find much support for "einen…15 Replies

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