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observationsLast post 16 Oct 07, 16:04
AVAILABILITY x \tunlimited \t \tlimited\t(number of months) Earliest starting date:\t15.12 Replies
observationsLast post 29 Apr 10, 18:16
"Yes, I have heard him, and I've heard you. ... And you've never once asked for my observati…9 Replies
observationsLast post 10 Feb 10, 15:50
Kurz vor dem Ende eines Bewerbungsformulars ist ein Feld frei mit "Observations:" (davor wur…2 Replies
observations - StellungnahmeLast post 29 May 08, 08:56
Regulations under the PCT (= Patent Cooperation Treaty), Rule 62bis.1 "Translation and Obser…0 Replies
opponent of observationsLast post 05 Aug 09, 20:55
Notification to the opponent of observations filed by the applicant1 Replies
child-year observationsLast post 27 Nov 10, 20:03
The analytic file consisted of 4 observations per child (n = 49 795) representing 1 for each…6 Replies
OPPORTUNITIES & SUPPORTING OBSERVATIONS: kann mir jemand die Übersetzung für supporting obser2 Replies
country-year observationsLast post 16 Jun 11, 23:39
We use annual GDP trends to illustrate the association between economic trends and fertility…7 Replies
noisy observations of outcomesLast post 05 Apr 06, 05:39
In environments with noisy observations of outcomes, a feedback-mechanism (like eBay's) make…0 Replies
observations of the academic staffLast post 12 Feb 14, 18:51
Vielleicht stehe ich ja auf der Leitung, aber mir erschließt sich nicht, was mit "observatio…8 Replies

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