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Orthographically similar words

Bond, bond, fond, peon, phon, pion, plod, pod, pong, pons, pony, pood, poon, porn, pound, Prod, prod, upon, Upon Bond, Fond, Mond, Phon, Pion, Pons, Pony

Related search terms

pen, dam, back, swell, impound, bank, pool, store

Forum discussions containing the search term

the pond also: the Pond chiefly (Brit.) [fig.] [hum.] - der große Teich [fig.] [hum.] Last post 12 Nov 06, 20:58
This is not only British. The Oxford Dictionary of English does not label this as either BE…2 Replies
Woog - pondLast post 30 Jun 21, 09:30
In einem Woog ist Wasser.Deutsch Natürlich!: A Communication-oriented First CourseGerhard Cl…23 Replies
pond is emptyLast post 27 Dec 03, 04:25
ich habe das in einer eMail gelesen: ... but so far the pond is empty... es bezieht sich gla…1 Replies
pondLast post 19 May 12, 15:24
When he arrived at the trials, he found out just how small his pond was. He was intimidated …5 Replies
flood pond - ÜberschwemmungstümpelLast post 24 Mar 16, 12:15
Examples Flood pond:Flood Ponds and Meadows Crawley has been built on the site of a floodpla…1 Replies
Teichlandschaft - pond regionLast post 09 May 06, 15:59
OBERLAUSITZER HEIDE- UND TEICHLANDSCHAFT General Description Germany’s largest pond region i6 Replies
Abraumbecken - tailings pondLast post 15 Dec 08, 22:45
Dann laufen die Abraumbecken der Ranger-Mine über und verseuchen mit radioaktivem Schlamm di…1 Replies
Javan pond heron (also : Javan pond-heron) - Prachtreiher, m (Ardeola speciosa)Last post 19 Dec 17, 17:50
  http://www.zoodirektoren.de/index.php?option=...PrachtreiherArdeola speciosaEngl.: The Jav…0 Replies
Chinese pond heron (also : Chinese pond-heron) - Bacchusreiher, m ( Ardeola bacchus)Last post 18 Dec 17, 18:17
  http://www.markuskappeler.ch/tex/texs/chinase...... In den ersten Jahrzehnten des 20. Jahr…0 Replies
reflection pondLast post 07 Aug 08, 14:02
reflecting ponds Es geht um Teichbau. Andere Ausdrücke die vorkommen sind decorative pond (…7 Replies