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significant lower vs. significant lessLast post 30 Jul 10, 13:51
wortbedeutung gibt es zwischen diesen zwei begrifflichkeiten eigentlich einen unterschied? …11 Replies
significant communicationsLast post 26 Jul 07, 15:58
The funds also cover the cost of .... and other expenditure that facilitates the activities …2 Replies
statistically significantLast post 15 Feb 09, 07:37
None of these differences was statistically significant. statistisch erheblich? statistis…7 Replies
significant craftsLast post 05 Mar 07, 18:54
ich soll diesen text uebersetzen, der da besagt Roznava is a town of significant crafts. is…5 Replies
significant modelLast post 29 Feb 08, 18:24
animal tests led to a significant model(p1 Replies
significant digitsLast post 10 Feb 07, 17:25
Auch significant figures, sig figs; bei Physik, Chemie usw. z. B. 2008 x 3 = 6000 nach dem …6 Replies
significant evidenceLast post 10 Feb 09, 10:17
This study provides significant evidence that treatment with xxx is effective in relieving s…4 Replies
significant otherLast post 16 Apr 09, 11:59
Bin mit der Übersetzung "Lebensgefährte" überhaupt nicht zufrieden, da diese Bezeichnung sic…9 Replies
significant tractionLast post 18 Dec 07, 16:05
it is also gaining significant traction in Europe Kann mir jemand hier bitte kurz helfen? …5 Replies
significant influenceLast post 12 Feb 08, 18:41
Investments in associated companies are consolidated by the equity method, since the date th…3 Replies

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