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significant digit - signifikante StelleLast post 03 Nov 04, 12:33
A native speaker (of British English) told me that "significant figures" would be the correc…9 Replies
Significant HistoryLast post 06 Oct 08, 23:33
The State of California has recently released a draft copy of "Foreign Language Content Stan…38 Replies
my significant other - LebensgefährteLast post 31 Dec 09, 03:23
http://www.english-idioms.de/uebersetzt-in-deutsch/my-significant-other.html Ich finde die Ü…3 Replies
significant otherLast post 21 Feb 10, 20:43
Do you really use this expression for German "Partner" or is it used more in a hunorous cont…20 Replies
significant to Last post 15 Sep 09, 03:15
For example, a true value of 82 may be represented as 82.00 if this column variable had anot…1 Replies
significant oder significantlyLast post 07 Nov 09, 15:51
Hallo zusammen, ich weiß nicht ob es significant oder eher significantly heißt. Falls jeman…3 Replies
significant(ly) lower price?Last post 17 Mar 09, 08:39
Heißt es "significantly lower price" oder "significant lower price" - wie in: "Reduced resou…3 Replies
significance - AuszeichnungLast post 14 Jun 06, 16:42
This scratch is very significant to the background. Dieser Kratzer ist stark gegen den Hin…2 Replies
significant figure - geltende ZifferLast post 07 Jul 08, 10:19
This value is accurate to three significant figures (s.f.) = Dieser Wert ist auf drei gelten…3 Replies
judg(e)ment - 'e' significant?Last post 02 Jun 09, 12:13
Guten Morgen, hier eine Frage zur Schreibweise o.g. Begriffes: Spielt das 'e' eine Rolle hin…3 Replies