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succeedLast post 12 Mar 07, 11:15
would anyone happen to know how this would be said in German? "if you succeed in this", you…4 Replies
to succeed sb.Last post 05 Mar 07, 09:13
Since the death of the old commandant, the young officer has been appointed to succeed the o…3 Replies
succeed to an interestLast post 08 Apr 13, 15:31
to succeed to an interest in a property Der Ausdruck steht in einem Testament. Danke!2 Replies
succeed over - erfolgreich seinLast post 09 May 08, 12:38
Ich muss folgendes uebersetzen: Wir werden Sie natuerlich in Ihren Bemuehungen unterstuetzen…1 Replies
to succeed to sth. - die Nachfolge antretenLast post 01 May 08, 22:07
LEO: to succeed - erben, nachfolgen, etc. to succeed to the crown - den Thron besteigen to a…0 Replies
to inherit vs. to succeedLast post 02 May 08, 15:17
Is there any difference between these two verbs in general or legal matters? Which one is mo…6 Replies
has succeeded vs. did succeedLast post 14 Mar 08, 03:25
The integration of Reebok still has not succeeded. oder The integration of Reebok still di…3 Replies
succeed one another across low mountainsLast post 13 Aug 09, 20:18
deep forests and impossibly green clearings succeed one another across the land's low mounta…6 Replies
Few things succeed less than leadership successionLast post 27 Jul 12, 10:47
sustainable leadership Wenige Dinge sind weniger erfolgreich als ein erfolgreicher Führungs…5 Replies
succeed to someone - beerbenLast post 09 Jun 11, 13:30
Langenscheidts Großes Schulwörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch2 Replies

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