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tareLast post 16 Dec 10, 15:28
We must emulate our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, who did not uproot the tare [ Judas Isacario…9 Replies
tare - die WickeLast post 12 Mar 06, 18:19 The Macquarie Dictionary: tare2 noun 1. any of various…1 Replies
Tare - as letter 't'Last post 30 Apr 06, 09:38
The American telephone alphabet has 'Tare' for the letter 't'. Can anyone tell me what this …9 Replies
slender tare - Zierliche Wicke, wiss.: Vicia parvifloraLast post 22 May 16, 19:25
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Vicia parvifloraAuthority (Brummitt & Powell):…0 Replies
Seating torque / Locking torque, tare torqueLast post 27 Apr 07, 12:05
Seating torque values are those recommended in Standard No. 123456 or those specified on the…7 Replies
hairy tare - Rauhaarige Wicke, wiss.: Vicia hirsutaLast post 17 May 16, 08:29
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Vicia hirsuta (L.) Graytiny vetch Plants For …0 Replies
smooth tare - Viersamige Wicke, wiss.: Vicia tetraspermaLast post 24 May 16, 18:42
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Vicia tetraspermaAuthority (Brummitt & Powell)…0 Replies
darnel - der Taumellolch, auch: Taumel-Lolch, wiss.: Lolium temulentumLast post 18 Feb 14, 18:16 King Lear Act IV. Scene VI. […] Cor. Alack! ’tis he0 Replies
common vetch - die Saatwicke, auch: Saat-Wicke, Pl.: die Saatwicken, wiss.: Vicia sativaLast post 22 May 16, 20:23
current LEO-entries:…0 Replies
Tara / tarierenLast post 12 Jun 07, 14:04
Bezeichnung für das Nullstellen einer waage bei bereits aufgelegtem Gewicht.1 Replies

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