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to hareLast post 21 Feb 11, 08:46
to hare als Verb1 Replies
dere hareLast post 16 Oct 08, 22:12
always dere hare somting bad Für mich sieht das wie ziemlich extreme Chat-Sprache aus. Har…5 Replies
wild hareLast post 04 Jun 08, 13:28
We actually got a wild hare and sent X an email to see how he’s doing. Der obige Satz fiel in3 Replies
Mechanical hare - HasenattrappeLast post 02 Mar 09, 13:03 Replies
haring up, to hareLast post 16 Feb 07, 11:48
Then I saw a cop coming. This cop was haring up the road, he must have been just round the c…3 Replies
filled with hare and pheasantLast post 26 Apr 14, 21:51
The woods were filled with hare and pheasant. English typically uses the singular rather tha10 Replies
slender hare’s ear (also: hare’s-ear) - das Salzhasenohr, auch: Salz-Hasenohr, wiss.: Bupleurum tenuissimumLast post 13 Sep 15, 21:28
current LEO-entry: Replies
brown hare - Feldhase, m (Lepus europaeus)Last post 03 Apr 20, 20:44
Ergänzend zu den bestehenden Einträgen zuSiehe Wörterbuch: Feldhase Lepus europaeus ... hare…0 Replies
to start a hare - vom Thema ablenkenLast post 24 Jun 08, 16:20
Quelle: PONS Großwörterbuch: Engl. - Dt., Dt. - Engl. hare = (Feld)hase kommt also wahrschei…1 Replies
hare’s-ear mustard - der Ackerkohl, wiss.: Conringia orientalisLast post 22 Dec 12, 03:29…0 Replies

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