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eight, eighth, eighty, height, weigh, Weigh, weighty, wight, wright

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... weight by weight ..Last post 22 Aug 08, 20:13
Any supplier of an article containing a substance meeting the criteria in Article 57 and ide…9 Replies
WeightLast post 12 Nov 07, 11:29
Es steht da: 100% CO (cotton) Weight Es ist klar, dass es sich dabei um 100% Baumwolle hand…1 Replies
weightLast post 13 Oct 09, 21:07
I am having some difficulties with the verb 'weight'. Could somebody please read below sen…2 Replies
weight-average molecular weightLast post 25 Mar 07, 20:03
the polymer have a weight-average molecular weight (Mw) of 12,000 - 250,000. ist das nun ein…3 Replies
self-weight and dead weightLast post 02 Sep 05, 09:52
Is there any difference between these two terms ? While reading a technical document (with c…2 Replies
Hebegewicht - lift weight, lifting weightLast post 21 Mar 05, 13:40
Schäden infolge Überschreitens des maximalen Hebegewichts bzw. der maximalen Tragkraft des M…2 Replies
gross weight - RohmasseLast post 24 Jun 08, 01:43
Die Eigenmasse der Warenladung beträgt 15 kg, die Rohmasse, d. h. das Gewicht inklusive alle…2 Replies
dead weightLast post 12 Oct 06, 10:38
This guy is nothing but dead weight. Dieser Kerl ist nichts als Last/Altlast. In reference …9 Replies
weight kiniogenLast post 23 May 07, 16:48
prekallikrein releases predikinin from high molecular weight kiniogen2 Replies
weight repeaterLast post 26 Oct 07, 14:26
weight repeater connection OPTIONAL 1 Thermal printer 1 Weight repeater 1 XXX Advanced to…3 Replies

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