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Orthographically similar words

empery, tamper, tempera, temple, tempter Tamper, Tempel, Tempera, Tempern, tempern, Templer

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spirit, temperament

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to harden and temper - vergütenLast post 04 May 05, 11:51
Gibt es ein einzelnes Wort, dass die Vorgänge quench-hardening und tempering in der Stahlher…2 Replies
to temper chocolateLast post 25 Jun 16, 19:32
In meinem Roman (die Autorin ist Australierin) besitzt die Hauptfigur einen kleinen Laden, i…5 Replies
temperLast post 16 Feb 10, 15:15
No mention was made of our tempers - mine in particular - and I could not bring myself to ap…3 Replies
Have you a temper?Last post 16 Nov 09, 16:53
In der Schule haben wir doch immer 1000x mal wiederholt, dass es "Do you have...." sein muss…4 Replies
short temper - UngeduldLast post 25 Oct 08, 07:39
Do you have a short temper? Im genannten Kontext "Do you have a short temper?" ist mir diese…5 Replies
Vokabel: 'to harden and temper'Last post 26 May 05, 07:55
Hallo, habe eben per Zufall die Vokabel 'to harden and temper' als Übersetzung für 'vergüte…5 Replies
temper something with/by somethingLast post 29 Mar 21, 07:29
Ok I ran into a contradicting definition of the expression 'temper something with/by someth…1 Replies
to temperLast post 13 Mar 07, 14:37
But yesterday, in a speech setting out his foreign policy plans, he was careful to temper hi…1 Replies
alloy temperLast post 19 Sep 08, 13:17
The contributing factors include alloy composition, "alloy tempeer", welding parameters,...3 Replies
high temperLast post 04 Aug 09, 19:24
...accusing, arguing in high tempers, making up with lowered voices... high temper = violen…1 Replies