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Orthographically similar words

evaluable, valuably

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valuably, useful, serviceably, precious, prized

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trotzdem wertvoll - valuable nevertheless/nevertheless valuable?Last post 28 Mar 08, 16:36
Although this cannot rule out systematic under-reporting due to embarrassment or fear of dis…2 Replies
valuableLast post 09 Feb 07, 15:11
But we hope we got everything valuable.3 Replies
valuable consideration; inducement - DeckungsverhältnisLast post 25 Dec 19, 15:50
BGH: BGH, 11.04.2000 X ZR 185/97 (OLG Karlsruhe) - "Gleichstromsteuerschaltung" (GRUR 2000, …0 Replies
valuable - teure/kostbareLast post 17 Apr 12, 14:02
We keep breaking up---if you want to hear more of my valuable voice ... My try: Es gibt ein…8 Replies
wertbestand - valuable constancyLast post 26 Aug 08, 14:08
ich bitte um eine antwort-.danke1 Replies
valuable additionLast post 28 May 09, 17:44
"I am sure he would be a valuable addition to our company" Wie kann ich das auf Deutsch sag…6 Replies
valuable wisdomLast post 24 Nov 10, 18:22
"Many people have given me valuable wisdom throughout my life that has been important to my …3 Replies
valuable assetLast post 30 Apr 10, 15:32
Machinery is the company's most valuable asset. Any suggestions for a German phrase, please?3 Replies
wertvolle Hilfe - valuable helpLast post 22 Aug 07, 16:56
Da wir kontinuierlich an der Verbesserung unserer Kurse arbeiten, ist uns Ihr Urteil eine we…4 Replies
sei nicht wert - less valuableLast post 01 Jun 09, 16:47
Moreover Lord Macaulay, who was delegated to India in 1835 as a justice minister , condemned…1 Replies