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source list - OrderbuchLast post 14 Jun 06, 16:10
A source list proposes one or more suppliers of goods. Specialy it lists a source from which…1 Replies
money source - GeldgeberLast post 22 Feb 15, 17:18
--- Fast money sources are almost always bad money sources and there are many reasons why yo…1 Replies
source - die Senke (MOS-FET) [Halbleiter]Last post 14 May 04, 09:14
Meines Wissens ist die Bezeichnung für "Quelle" und "Senke" für Halbleitertransistoren "sour…2 Replies
recovered paper source - die AnfallstelleLast post 29 Aug 07, 13:23
The contract I'm translating right now is between two chemical companies, and it's about sup…4 Replies
DC voltage source [tech.] - die Gleichspannungsquelle [Eisenbahn]Last post 20 May 15, 08:53
Eisenbahn auf der deutschen Seite ist zu einengend. Es gibt noch viele weitere Bereche der [2 Replies
Source for German music downloads?Last post 16 Feb 10, 17:47
Does anyone know an additional source for legally downloading songs? I tried to get a part…27 Replies
German hymn tunes - online source?Last post 21 Apr 08, 17:17
I'm reading Albert Schweitzer's classic book on J.S. Bach. There are many references to old…18 Replies
source of check, cause of check - die FehlerursacheLast post 25 Oct 07, 19:39
I may be completely off the mark, but I can't see how Fehlerursache could be translated as "…10 Replies
open-source - quelloffenLast post 17 Jul 16, 13:00
http://www.bartleby.com/61/17/O0091750.html http://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/~lothar/nw/Arch…6 Replies
written source - SchriftquelleLast post 08 Mar 18, 16:20
Schriftquelle, diehttps://www.dwds.de/wb/SchriftquelleDaß es schon seit karolingischer Zeit …4 Replies