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Orthographically similar words

defer, prefer, reefer Eifer, Elfer, Reife, Riefe, Rüfe, Rufer

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refer / transferLast post 08 Jan 05, 10:20
I'm confused as to the AE for these words. BE is referring, transferred etc. always with a d…2 Replies
refer - sich auf etw. beziehen u.a.Last post 11 Sep 07, 02:10
Es gibt viele Doppeleinträge, z.B. "refer to s.o./smth. = sich auf jmd./etw. beziehen" und a…1 Replies
to refer to so. - sich an jmdn. wenden Last post 01 Nov 10, 22:53
In the meaning "to consult", "refer to" goes with objects (to refer to sth.), not with peopl…15 Replies
Who does "both royals" refer to?Last post 31 Oct 07, 14:40
Hope this is not a stupid question, but the King of Saudia Arabia visited London yesterday w…4 Replies
ReferLast post 17 Jun 08, 17:02
Refer to attached sample for the various design procurement phases to each package. The atta…3 Replies
to refer to - überweisenLast post 15 Jan 08, 09:27
to refer a patient to a specialist einen Patienten an einen Facharzt überweisen Langenschei…1 Replies
Please refer to Mr Brown?Last post 01 Nov 10, 22:21
Just posted this in "Falscher Eintrag?" but Werner thinks it exists - I could do with some m…2 Replies
refer - simple vs. progressive formLast post 23 Oct 08, 17:05
In this paragraph he is referring/refers to the Bible. Would you prefer the simple or the -…1 Replies
what does 'document' refer to? Last post 18 Apr 17, 11:23
Hi everyony and Happy Easter!Is a 'document' the same as a 'text' or not? I'm not talking ab…27 Replies
normally is used to refer toLast post 22 Sep 09, 15:16
While the former is what the place name "Heligoland" normally is used to refer to, the latte…7 Replies