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acquired, acquiree, acquirer Acquirer

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buy, purchase, impropriate

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acquireLast post 19 Sep 11, 13:37
The company has acquired 100 % of the .....claim. The company will be required to make the f…2 Replies
acquire jurisdiction Last post 24 Feb 08, 19:06
The court acquired jurisdiction of the respondent on: DATE Muss das Gericht erst die Zustän…1 Replies
acquire assetsLast post 21 Apr 09, 15:01
Company AB has acquired the assets of Company XY. Unternehmen AB hat die Vermögenswerte von…3 Replies
elect to acquireLast post 16 Sep 07, 03:25
... to acquire or elect to acquire under the terms thereof from the society a cash fund in e…5 Replies
to acquire businessLast post 16 Dec 07, 13:46
WHEREAS, Seller and Company X, through its Y division, have engaged in preliminary conversat…1 Replies
acquire a patentLast post 17 Mar 08, 14:57
.. the supplier shall assist xx to acquire the patents or any other protection5 Replies
acquire a status?Last post 02 Apr 10, 14:01
I acquired the Qualified Teacher Status for England. Job applictaion: I could write simply…4 Replies
to acquire a localizerLast post 10 Feb 11, 08:59
Acquire localizers as needed to center the stack on the spine. Ich verstehe "acquire" hier …3 Replies
acquire your designated roleLast post 28 Apr 10, 16:47
We recommend that you choose b such that you are indifferent between “paying b and acting in…1 Replies
to acquire a faceLast post 16 Feb 09, 10:28
In the philosoher's idiom, the human being acquired a face. Kann mir jemand bei der Überset…7 Replies

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