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beast, East, east, Fast, fast, feat, least, yeast fast, Faust, feist, Phenat, Fest, fest, Feste

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revel, banquet

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moveable feastLast post 29 Nov 11, 12:57
You make my stay in Paris to a moveable feast too. Ich möchte meinem Freund eine Widmung in…6 Replies
moveable feastLast post 29 Nov 11, 12:37
You make my stay in Paris to a moveable feast too. Ich möchte meinem Freund eine Widmung in…1 Replies
Imbolc feastLast post 14 Dec 10, 11:59
Feast supposed to take care of one's home and hearth It's a holiday rather ancient, I suppo…1 Replies
wedding feast - HochzeitsmahlLast post 07 May 05, 20:37 Planning Your Wedding Feast You may have dec…2 Replies
feast day - der FesttagLast post 26 Mar 07, 17:58
z.B. Various feast days will be "ranked" wi0 Replies
feast and famineLast post 04 Apr 09, 11:06 the only house of such antiquity to have retained its family and its roof throughout t…1 Replies
feast or famineLast post 16 Sep 09, 16:59
Unlike last season, the West is turning out to be feast or famine, with the Lakers dominatin…5 Replies
Hauptfest - principal feastLast post 22 Apr 10, 23:10
Das Hauptfest unseres Ordens ist der 15. August, das Fest "Mariä Aufnahme in den Himmel". -3 Replies
to feast - schlampampenLast post 25 Jun 07, 02:10
Hi, meiner Meinung nach exisitiert das Wort "schlampampen" nicht. Ist wahrscheinlich ein Fan…5 Replies
Marian feast day - MarienfeiertagLast post 13 Aug 12, 09:19
1. Marian feast days are specific holy days of the liturgical year that Christians celebrat…0 Replies

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