Possible base forms for "feiern"

   die Feier (Noun)

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Schwelgerei, Lustbarkeit

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to celebrate Mass - die Heilige Messe feiern, das Hochamt feiernLast post 14 Nov 11, 08:51
Pope Benedict XVI gives Polish President Lech Kaczynski (kneeling) Holy Communion during the…0 Replies
Fortschritte feiernLast post 14 Nov 14, 17:17
I'm reading a book about the new physics, Lisa Randall's Knocking on Heaven's Door, and si1 Replies
Jeden Tag was zu feiern!Last post 15 Oct 14, 12:32
heute, 24. November ist z.B. Evolution day an dem wir uns unserer erdgeschichlichen Ab285 Replies
....feiern wir ThanksgivingLast post 16 Nov 10, 07:53
Noch 'ne Bitte: Am Donnerstag nächste Woche feiern wir Thanksgiving, was in Amerika bedeute…2 Replies
to skive off / to skive off work - sich verdrücken / krank feiernLast post 16 Aug 13, 00:30
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=skive&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multi10 Replies
fröhlich(e) Urständ' feiernLast post 20 Dec 13, 13:03
Are the "Urständ(e) fröhlich" or is the "feiern fröhlich"? Do you have examples in which si…20 Replies
celebrate - honorieren, feiernLast post 14 Mar 13, 11:39
Original: Regularly draws attention to and celebrates the teams’ accomplishments; uses to s…2 Replies
to fete - feiernLast post 14 Oct 09, 12:48
"to fete" means to celebrate or honor with a festival, a feast, or an elaborate entertainmen…0 Replies
Geburtstage feiern... - Birthdays...Last post 15 Sep 05, 12:41
Birthdays - many of them we celebrate during a lifetime. However, only a few belong to the e…32 Replies
Waren feiern - Went out...Last post 22 Aug 10, 21:36
Wir waren gestern mit vielen Leuten unterwegs und ich vertrage nun mal nicht so viel Bier. A…1 Replies