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assumptionLast post 07 Mar 09, 22:18
"Our experiment was designed to test whether the voluntary assumption of an expression is su…1 Replies
assumptionLast post 29 Apr 10, 21:31 involves making enough identifying assumptions to allow the analyst to estimate the par2 Replies
Valuation assumptionLast post 08 Apr 06, 00:42
Valuation assumption: This member has retired on the day of valuation and is entitled to a d…0 Replies
identifying assumption Last post 04 Oct 09, 21:31
The heart of our identifying assumptions is the restriction that the determinants of social …1 Replies
If assumption....Last post 19 Oct 09, 20:47
If assumption (R1) held true, while each deposit would be exhaustible, the resource as such …2 Replies
default assumptionLast post 09 Sep 10, 10:21
The new law's default assumption was that members of the public could have any information th2 Replies
"identity assumption"Last post 29 Oct 08, 08:10
To demonstrate the importance of the identity assumptions that support policies of sexual rep1 Replies
consensus assumptionLast post 20 Aug 08, 14:53
Kann man "consensus assumption" sagen für eine Annahme, über die man sich in der (betriebswi…3 Replies
bearish assumptionLast post 25 Apr 10, 12:48
In that case, the market was also in the vicinity of a longer-term trendline support, and gi…5 Replies
bogus assumptionLast post 08 Jul 15, 10:19
Eine "bogus assumption" ist zum Beispiel die, dass derjenige, der am lautesten oder am längs…2 Replies

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