Possible base forms for "baking"

    bake (Verb) 

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burning, fritting, combustion, frying, bake-out, firing

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bakingLast post 10 Feb 10, 10:58
It was a lovely few days break, in baking weather (compared to the floods at home). heiß-tr…2 Replies
Baking soda / baking powderLast post 07 Apr 06, 06:26
Hallo Leute, in einem Rezept für Pancake steht, dass man 1/2 teaspoon baking powder und 1/2…7 Replies
Baking powder/baking sodaLast post 17 Dec 08, 10:44
The dictionary here translates both as 'backpulver'. The chemical difference is that baking…5 Replies
baking powder, baking sodaLast post 16 Sep 08, 21:49
I am trying to convert my mother's recipe for stovetop barbecued pork chops with creamy corn…33 Replies
baking soda/baking powderLast post 19 Jan 08, 11:34
Do baking soda and baking poweder have the same name in German (Backpulver)even though they …4 Replies
Baking powder = baking soda???Last post 22 Aug 10, 06:21
Hallo Leute, in einem Rezept für Pancake steht, dass man 1/2 teaspoon baking powder und 1/2 …13 Replies
Baking soda - NatronLast post 06 Apr 06, 19:45
  related discussion:Baking soda / baking powder Alle nötigen Quellen und Informationen 6 Replies
baking sodaLast post 15 Jul 08, 16:01
Hi everyone, Hope someone can help me. I would like to bake an Irish soda bread and the reci…13 Replies
baking beansLast post 28 Aug 09, 13:29
In English English, baking beans are little orbs made of something like clay, used to blind …10 Replies
pit bakingLast post 15 Jun 12, 10:42
baking in a pit Eine Mexikanerin beschreibt unterschiedliche Chili-Sorten und erklärt, das…2 Replies

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