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conceit, concert

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idea, plan, notion, perception, conception, term

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Is there a superordinate concept in English that comprises the concepts "tension" and "stres…0 Replies
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kann mir jemand helfen diese beiden Begriffe besser zu verstehen? Meiner Meinung nach bezeic…2 Replies
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strategic concept for the safeguarding of sustainable water supply („Handlungskonzept zur daue2 Replies
Mechanical Concept - HaustechnikkonzeptLast post 26 Jun 08, 09:20
Quelle: http://clvweb.cord.edu/prweb/press/biohaus/contributors.asp Quelle: http://clvweb.co…0 Replies
Konzept - conceptLast post 24 Feb 12, 11:50
Wir stellen heute eine neues Marketing - Konzept vor. Today we may propose a new marketing …4 Replies
stockholder value concept - shareholder value conceptLast post 17 Apr 09, 16:17
Stichwort "shareholder value" in Wikipedia: Shareholder value is a business buzz term, whi…0 Replies
summer reading - a German concept too?Last post 08 Aug 12, 18:37
The phrase and the concept of "summer reading" are very familiar in English. (At least in AE…14 Replies
concept / Konzept - false friends?Last post 10 Jan 12, 19:24
I have always assumed that Konzept and concept have the same meaning. However, I noticed i…33 Replies