Possible base forms for "determined"

    determine (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

determine, determiner

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determinedLast post 23 Mar 15, 08:20
Don’t argue. No one wins arguments—which are determined by one’s knowing the answer—11 Replies
mortgage repayable at a determined date [finan.] - FesthypothekLast post 10 May 12, 18:05
http://www.ubs.com/ch/en/swissbank/private/mortgage/overview/fixedrate.html Common in Switze…12 Replies
proudly determinedLast post 25 Jul 08, 13:36
proudly determined in service and aftersales stolz entschlossen in Service und Kundendienst…2 Replies
endogenously determinedLast post 03 Dec 07, 23:04
It is now well understood that the rates of invention, innovation, and technology diffusion …1 Replies
determined curveLast post 06 Jan 15, 15:41
Her shoulders took a determined curve as she attacked the basket again and again. Basketbal…4 Replies
determined to fight for reaching sth.Last post 22 Oct 09, 18:42
ich habe hier folgenden satz: 'anna has an aim and she is very determined to fight for reac…1 Replies
so ermittelt - determined as described Last post 02 Jul 08, 11:59
Die so ermittelten relativen Lebensdauern liefern zumindest Hinweise für die Ableitung einer…3 Replies
still being determinedLast post 29 Jul 15, 18:07
The exact amount of participants is still being determined, but we'll let you know how many …7 Replies
Determined und peelingLast post 11 Oct 12, 21:01
Research is uncovering the genetic roots of aging, peeling back the once common understanding3 Replies
determined byLast post 02 Feb 09, 15:06
etwas bestimmen durch heisst es determied "by" oder determined "with"5 Replies