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shroud, guise, conceal

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no disguiseLast post 19 Apr 07, 23:04
"I'm telling you no diguise" song text Hi, hab mich gefragt wie man den Ausdruck "no disgui…2 Replies
Disguise/prepositionLast post 20 May 10, 23:49
Unter dem Deckmantel der Loyalität schmiedete er Pläne zur Ermordung des Königs. In disguis…4 Replies
conceal not disguiseLast post 06 May 09, 10:01
The aim is to conceal, but not necessarily disguise the activities, so as to achieve the app…1 Replies
short temper in disguiseLast post 25 Sep 12, 03:13
wie übersetzt man das?1 Replies
the devil in disguiseLast post 07 Mar 10, 10:41
I describe these paradigms and explain why I call them "the devil in disguise." Kann man da…3 Replies
to disguise judgment as opinionLast post 06 Feb 18, 20:33
What you just said ... you are only trying to disguise judgment as opinion. Du versuchst bl…12 Replies
als Verschleierung derselben - as a disguise of .....Last post 02 Aug 09, 19:32
For the institution ‘to reveal the hidden mechanisms of power’, plays the analysis of ed11 Replies
Seine Tarnung fliegt auf. - His disguise busts.Last post 22 Jan 07, 19:33
Ist das korrekt?1 Replies
"Cursed be the mistress of lies, disguise and deceit!"Last post 09 Jun 12, 17:49
"Cursed!" "Cursed be the mistress of lies, disguise and deceit!" Hallo, wie würdet Ihr das…5 Replies
You can't hide your lyin' eyes and your smile is a thin disguise.Last post 08 Jan 09, 03:02
Muss aus einem Lied sein ... ??? Vielen lieben Dank im Voraus.2 Replies

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