Possible base forms for "blessing"

    bless (Verb) 

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benison, benediction

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Nature's blessingLast post 11 Jun 07, 12:21
The leaves on top signify nature's blessing on the El Dorado Empire. Text stammt aus einem …1 Replies
...is your blessing Last post 23 Dec 11, 14:06
Was bedeutet die Wendung "is your blessing" konkret? z.B. in This baby is your blessing My s…9 Replies
blessing cord - SegensbändchenLast post 15 Sep 12, 13:37
I always advise people that if they would like to keep these red blessing cords, keep it in …0 Replies
Irish Wedding BlessingLast post 07 Jul 09, 10:19
Hi everyone! My question might sound a bit weird, but maybe someone can help me out? I am…5 Replies
Bilingualism - blessing or curse? Last post 13 Jun 09, 15:27
Inspiriert durch den Thread "bilingual upbringing“ wollte ich mal die bilinguale Leo-Gemeinsch59 Replies
Segensgeber - giver of blessingLast post 09 Jan 09, 20:46
O Herr unser Gott, Segensgeber der Swazi. Wir danken dir für all unser Glück; wir erbieten D…7 Replies
blessing of the peopleLast post 01 Feb 18, 21:26
The wedding starts with a 90 minute mass with communion and "A blessing of the people". Ist…8 Replies
Apostolischer Segen - Apostolic BlessingLast post 06 Mar 14, 14:12
Der Apostolische Segen kann nur vom Papst oder mit dessen Vollmacht von Bischöfen oder Pries…1 Replies
Everything correct in this blessing?Last post 21 Jan 13, 10:27
Hello, I've come up with a personal blessing in the form of an inscription on a guitar that …12 Replies
it's been such a blessing...Last post 03 May 09, 14:35
It's been such a blessing knowing your family over these years. Wie übersetzt man das am be…3 Replies

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