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eject, erect, select

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electLast post 06 Jul 06, 09:31
In a contract I read ".. if you elect to voluntarily remain permanently in England." Is "el…5 Replies
"President-elect"Last post 17 Nov 20, 21:20
Aus gegebenem freudigem Anlass: Mich würde interessieren, wie die aus meiner Sicht seltsame …12 Replies
afflicted electLast post 10 May 10, 21:50
"These archetypal representations [of disabled people] come in three broad families: monster…3 Replies
elect ownershipLast post 28 Jan 10, 16:25
In 1980, however, legislators and the administration concluded that the public would benefit…2 Replies
champions electLast post 23 Apr 18, 20:09
'Bayern pass character test', is Süddeutsche Zeitung's lead after the German champions elect…4 Replies
auserwähltes Volk - elect peopleLast post 01 Jul 12, 10:41
Im alten Testament haben sich die Juden als „auserwähltes Volk“ des Gottes Jahwe verstanden. -8 Replies
president-elect - designierter Präsident, zukünftiger PräsidentLast post 21 Nov 08, 16:29
1. OALD Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: president-e'lect noun (pl. presidents-elect)…1 Replies
elect to acquireLast post 16 Sep 07, 03:25
... to acquire or elect to acquire under the terms thereof from the society a cash fund in e…5 Replies
Kleinverteiler (elect.)Last post 27 Sep 07, 12:01
Kleinverteiler Hat jemand eine Idee? Danke schon mal. Gruß2 Replies
Kleinverteiler (elect.)Last post 27 Sep 07, 12:17
Kleinverteiler Hat jemand eine Idee? Danke schon mal. Gruß1 Replies