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entirelyLast post 09 Apr 08, 15:18
It is often the case that languages with fewer speakers are structurally more complex than m…9 Replies
wholly (entirely) impregnated - ganzgetränktLast post 15 Dec 08, 14:28
"...Turbogenerator mit ganzgetränkter Ständerwicklung.." - "Design und Überwachung von Gren…0 Replies
but / entirelyLast post 12 Jul 07, 12:51
With "E" you get benefits but your business relationship is entirely with our US-headquarter…3 Replies
entirelyLast post 28 Aug 17, 14:21
In addition to be admitted to the Austrian bar, further requirements (i.e. practical experie…3 Replies
if not entirelyLast post 16 Feb 08, 16:16
He had known him for two decades: a fair haired man and former athlete who was well liked, i…4 Replies
entirely without prejudiceLast post 28 Aug 08, 09:22
Entirely without prejudice, our client advises that he is willing to allow you to collect th…2 Replies
entirely without incidentLast post 16 Oct 11, 23:15
Die Deutschfassung des Films übersetzt: ganz ohne Gegenwehr. Ist das nicht sehr frei überset…3 Replies
depends entirely uponLast post 08 Dec 11, 20:01
The growth of our organization depends entirely upon the responsibility of its members to br…4 Replies
entirely bespoke articlesLast post 05 Mar 11, 07:48
I wish to adopt entirely bespoke articles. Unter einem Vertrag. Kann da jemand helfen?1 Replies
entschieden zu viele - entirely too manyLast post 26 Apr 10, 12:25
Ich habe gestern entschieden zu viele Kekse gegessen. I ate entirely too many biscuits yes…2 Replies