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perfectly normalLast post 27 Aug 06, 17:02
XY is PERFECTLY normal betont das perfectly,dass die person ZU normal ist?? wie lautet die Ü…2 Replies
"strongly" oder "perfectly"Last post 30 Nov 07, 17:29
I spent a term/semester/year in Germany, which gave me the opportunity to improve my written…7 Replies
perfectly great - supertollLast post 04 May 05, 10:48
It was just so perfectly great to see you. Es war einfach so supertoll, Dich zu sehen. ?5 Replies
the numbers crunch perfectlyLast post 14 Oct 08, 16:52
The location's great and the numbers cruch perfectly! das hat irgendwas mit Grundstücksersc…1 Replies
completely, totally, absolutely, perfectly?Last post 12 Aug 08, 16:07
I am completely, totally, absolutely, perfectly sure Was entspricht der Englischensprachkon…4 Replies
To be perfectly honest Last post 31 Jan 05, 16:35
To be perfectly honest with you I did not think the course was very good. Ich denke dass <…6 Replies
perfectly competitive general equilibirumLast post 01 Jan 10, 20:01
..., who show that in a model of perfectly competitive general equilibrium with incomplete m…4 Replies
funktioniert einwandfrei - worked perfectlyLast post 04 Jun 08, 08:40
Der aufgebaute Artikel funktioniert einwandfrei. The assembled article works perfectly. Stim…2 Replies
the picture shows perfectlyLast post 27 Apr 10, 22:16
The picture shows perfectly how .. Or: The picture perfectly shows how ... I personally ten…1 Replies
it went perfect/perfectly??Last post 04 Jun 10, 18:02
Eigentlich müsste es hier ja das Adverb sein, aber irgendwie klingt das komisch... Bitte um …1 Replies

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