Possible base forms for "isolated"

    isolate (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

isolate, solvated

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lonely, secluded, retired, detached, remote

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isolated - von der Außenwelt abgeschirmtLast post 20 Apr 12, 08:38
- (von der Außenwelt) abgeschirmt = guarded against/shielded (from the outside world)6 Replies
isolated/ secludedLast post 18 Jan 09, 23:13
need to explain the difference in meaning: A: The castle was very isolated. B: The castle w…6 Replies
isolated - abgeschlossenLast post 04 Feb 13, 04:34
ein abgeschlossenes System, im Gegensatz zu einem offenen oder geschlossenen System http://e…6 Replies
spread footing - EinzelfundamentLast post 19 Dec 13, 07:24
1 -- isolated footing [′ī·sə‚lād·əd ′fu̇d·iŋ] (civil engineering) A concrete slab o1 Replies
pocket - isolated groupLast post 13 Mar 21, 13:17
Vorbemerkung: Ich habe die Formulierung zwar in der kenianischen Nation gefunden, aber der A…3 Replies
isolatedLast post 18 Feb 08, 00:59
Western medicine has not isolated any biological causes in the same way it can describe the …3 Replies
Unterschied isolated vs secludedLast post 23 Oct 10, 19:23
Was genau ist der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Saetzen: The house was very isolated. Th…9 Replies
isolatedLast post 16 Sep 08, 19:37
Er wird von der Gesellschaft ausgeschlossen . He becomes isolated from society . Is it "b…6 Replies
Isolated ground receptacle - die Schuko-SteckdoseLast post 30 Nov 09, 13:54
These articles show pictures of the different types: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuko ht…2 Replies
Isolated limb perfusionLast post 18 Dec 08, 00:00
the applied drug dose was comparable with doses used in isolated limb perfusion. ich habe b…2 Replies