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emplace, replaced

Forum discussions containing the search term

"replace by" vs "replace with"Last post 15 May 09, 14:48
Gibt es einen fundierten Unterschied zwischen "replace by" und "replace with"? 10 Replies
Replace by vs. Replace withLast post 18 Jan 08, 12:58
I'm just wondering which one is more common. Without thinking about it, I (non-native speake…2 Replies
replace coincidenceLast post 09 Jan 10, 12:49
kennt von euch jemand den spruch: replace coincidence with deliberate error? hab ihn gelesen…0 Replies
replace and substituteLast post 20 Sep 04, 11:47
Im Deutschen: "<alt> durch <neu> ersetzen" Normalerweise hätte ich im Englischen "2 Replies
difference 'exchange' vs. 'replace'?Last post 24 Apr 08, 12:00
Hallo, seht ihr einen Unterschied zwischen exchange und replace in folgendem Zusammenhang …2 Replies
“Heir” to replace “his” and “her”?Last post 27 Jul 17, 14:46
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/push-to-get-queen-to-use-gender-neutral-word-heir-…51 Replies
Verwendung von "change" vs. "replace"Last post 04 Jun 07, 16:05
Wenn ich etwas ersetzen will und dies dummerweise auch noch in english tun möchte, so stehe…4 Replies
how to replace "e.g."Last post 05 Mar 14, 09:55
They receive food (e.g. provided by the church) every day. Can I replace the e.g. with "for…2 Replies
replace strutsLast post 16 Jan 12, 16:34
"I have to get the struts replaced on my car. Fortunately, I have a coupon for half off th5 Replies
Replace with - Ersetzen mitLast post 03 Jun 10, 09:26
He replced A with B I know "durch" is most common preposition. Is "mit" possible too? I see …7 Replies