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Brit, crit, frit, grit, rift, riot, rite, twit, wait, Wait, wart, Whit, whit, wilt, wit, with, With, wort, wrist, write Grit, Iwrit, Riet, Rift, Rist, Ritt, Ritz, Wart, weit, Weit, Wert, wert, Wirt, Witz, Wort, Wurt

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writ of habeas corpus [jur.] - Vorführungsbefehl nebst Anordnung der Haftprüfung Last post 27 Oct 05, 16:26
1. Der Begriff "Haftprüfung" ist deutschrechtlich eindeutig besetzt, als Überprüfung der Rec…0 Replies
writ large - im Großen / großgeschriebenLast post 11 Jul 13, 18:52
"for earlier writers the organisation of culture was that of the culturally typical personal…12 Replies
Holy WritLast post 27 Dec 07, 19:01
In the United States, terms like 'Holy Writ' and others are used by some Christian groups (i…2 Replies
writ largeLast post 03 Jul 07, 00:45
"the book is not primarily about democracy writ large but..."5 Replies
writ largeLast post 07 Jan 08, 19:54
But in this day of the most extensive societal restructuring to grant women equality in educ…2 Replies
writ petitionLast post 02 Mar 17, 21:38
Writ petition under article 199 of the Constituion of the islamic republic of Pakistan. Pray…2 Replies
offenes Schriftstück (Testament) - open writLast post 07 Dec 11, 17:45
X...hatte dem Gericht ein offenes Schriftstück abgeliefert. X...submitted an open writ??? to…17 Replies
writ of errorLast post 14 Sep 07, 22:56
This is a writ of error brought to reverse a judgment... Es handelt sich um den Beginn ein…10 Replies
writ of demandLast post 18 May 07, 12:44
writ of demand2 Replies
Holy Writ (dated) - die Heilige SchriftLast post 15 Aug 12, 22:44
The probable reason for the silence of Holy Writ concerning Mary's later life may be found i…1 Replies