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break, crash, fail, crater, slump, fall, tumble, drop, cave

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collapseLast post 17 May 07, 11:50
I'm trying to figure out which verb is used in German to describe as company when it collaps…3 Replies
collapseLast post 06 Oct 08, 17:30
"a milk hose gets soft when it ages, so hoses partially collapse under vacuum" der Schlauch…2 Replies
collapseLast post 14 Jun 07, 14:18
data do not collapse on the same curve. hat mir jemand einen Tipp, wie ich "collapse" übers2 Replies
collapseLast post 03 Apr 16, 08:47
flash-forward into the (near) future to collapse "cheap suspense" - the very coin of merely …2 Replies
bone collapseLast post 16 Jan 08, 09:45
Es geht um einen Kathetherballon, der in der Spongiosa eingesetzt wird, diese komprimiert un…12 Replies
collapse allLast post 12 Mar 08, 11:58
Hallo, kennt jemand die übliche deutsche Bezeichnung für die Menüeinträge "Collapse all" un…1 Replies
progressive collapseLast post 14 Feb 13, 14:39
15-3 PROGRESSIVE COLLAPSE. These requirements shall apply to all facilities that require prog10 Replies
to collapse - zusammenbrechenLast post 05 May 10, 22:00
I collapse. Ich breche zusammen. Quelle: Buch: "Love is the Drug" von Karen McCombie - Seit…3 Replies
pedigree collapse - AhnenschwundLast post 03 Mar 22, 10:47
Pedigree collapse occurs when the same person/people appear in your tree multiple times as a…1 Replies
difference: faint /collapseLast post 27 Dec 08, 21:00
If the blood pressure decreases too much, leading to a shortage of oxygen to the tissues, it…2 Replies

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