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chow, cowl, crow, Crow, scow

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priss, bitch

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cow pat - KuhfladenLast post 17 Apr 20, 16:53
https://dict.leo.org/german-english/Kuhfladencowpat (Brit.) der Kuhfladen pl.: die Kuhfladen…13 Replies
sea cow - die Seekuh, wiss.: DugongLast post 05 Apr 14, 16:06
sea cow [zool.]\t \t \tdie Seekuh wiss.: Dugong http://dict.leo.org/#/search=sea%20cow&sea…1 Replies
cow-tipping - KuhschubsenLast post 02 Aug 13, 10:44
Dialog im film "Happiness Runs" (2010), 1h 1m : - Let's go cow-tipping. - I mean, can we? - …13 Replies
cow elephant - ElefantinLast post 02 Jun 10, 14:51
http://www.duden-suche.de/suche/trefferliste.php?suchbegriff[AND]=Elefantin&suche=homepage&t24 Replies
cow pie - der KuhfladenLast post 05 Feb 11, 19:49
M-W: cow pie noun : a dropping of cow dung AHD: cow·pie NOUN: Informal A small rounded pil…9 Replies
Cash cow - GoldeselLast post 27 Aug 16, 02:42
Die "cash cow" ist nicht der deutsche "Goldesel". Die "cash cow" wird besser übersetzt mit …6 Replies
cow whisperer - KuhflüsterndeLast post 06 Aug 11, 09:22
Apparently I have a calling as a cow whisperer. Anscheinend habe ich einen Ruf als Kuhflüste…13 Replies
cow wheat, also cow-wheat - der Wachtelweizen, wiss.: Melampyrum (Gattung)Last post 30 Mar 12, 19:28
http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/cow%2Bwheat?q=Melampyrum cow wheat noun a yellowish0 Replies
cow pie - KuhfladenLast post 16 Apr 20, 01:41
https://ahdictionary.com/word/search.html?q=cow+piecow·pie n. Informal A small rounded pile…7 Replies
poor cowLast post 11 Nov 06, 12:28
Look at the poor cow, struggling with her shopping bags and pushchair. Gehe ich recht in der…3 Replies