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decease, deceased, degrease

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"decrease of" vs. "decrease in"Last post 18 Sep 14, 11:46
Gibt es da eine Regel oder ist das eine Frage des Geschmacks? Z.B., ist es ein "decrease of …6 Replies
decrease inLast post 03 May 09, 13:39
Are both tenses here appropriate? There has been a decrease in... These is a decrease in...…2 Replies
decline vs. decreaseLast post 26 Feb 09, 09:40
the evolution of the gas concentration shows a decline/decrease. Kann man für abnehmende ge…1 Replies
decrease in KonsumLast post 26 Apr 09, 20:32
Konsumabfall? "this would lead at the same time to a decrease in Konsum" (meaning buying, e…2 Replies
decrease vs. declineLast post 08 Jun 10, 12:14
Was ist richtig bzw. besser: sales as well as total turnover are declining oder sales as we…7 Replies
...decrease with time...Last post 26 Nov 09, 13:08
If transportation costs rise, locally produced goods may initioally achieve some cost advant…7 Replies
...decrease x 10%...Last post 11 Jul 09, 22:20
Hallo! wie lautet die richtige Übersetzung von "um 10% zurückgehen", also welche Präposition…3 Replies
decrease in transfersLast post 23 Apr 10, 16:29
"additional tax payments resulting from an education-induced increase in taxable income and …3 Replies
faith decrease - GlaubensschwundLast post 20 Mar 05, 15:34
http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?url=http://www.kreuz.net/article.…0 Replies
decrease - reduzieren, vermindern, senkenLast post 28 Feb 09, 08:41
"Peter decreased the noise level." - Peter reduzierte den Geräuschlevel. "The government is…1 Replies

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