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Orthographically similar words

fatly, fatwa, fetal, katal, Natal, natal Fanal, Fatwa, fetal, fötal, Katal

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awkward - fatalLast post 07 Sep 09, 01:41
Quelle: Thematischer Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz, Klett und Balmer Verlag Zug17 Replies
disagreeable - fatalLast post 28 Mar 09, 09:58
Quote from Dictionary of German Synonyms by R.B. Farrell (Cambridge University Press): "Fata…1 Replies
would be fatal for - würde fatal sein fürLast post 20 Aug 14, 11:53
Kontext: Im Januar verlor Wang seine Eisbär-Gefährtin, und kann seither von diesem Verlust …18 Replies
fatal blowLast post 05 Jan 07, 12:29
This means that although He later was killed by Roman hands, the fatal blow had come much ea…1 Replies
fatal contradictionLast post 04 Jun 09, 15:05
The Supreme Court did not agree with the “Petitioner” that there was a fatal contradicti6 Replies
fatal flawLast post 18 May 10, 11:51
Your fatal flaw is the one thing you can be sure will let you down. Kontext: Augenzwinkernd…4 Replies
Fatal flawLast post 21 Mar 10, 17:16
Tipp für Jugendliche: Survive your fatal flaw. Hat jemand ne Idee? Schwachstelle? Sollbruchs…1 Replies
near-fatal - fast tödlichLast post 14 Feb 11, 22:18
A man has been rescued from a near-fatal attack by a tiger in northern Malaysia by his wife. -0 Replies
non-fatal healthLast post 14 Sep 08, 19:20
Der Titel eines Essays lautet wiefolgt: Comparing non-fatal health across countries: Is the …3 Replies
That is fatal!Last post 18 Sep 14, 08:53
“Okay, I suggest we get one of them and kill and fry it.” “That is fatal!” Ikenna exclaimed,7 Replies