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horizontalLast post 22 Sep 06, 21:42
Also ich würde das immer hor(i)z(weiches Z)ontl aussprechen. Nun habe ich eben mit einem Kol…9 Replies
horizontalLast post 05 Dec 08, 21:20
Teacher describing a student: ...he is horizontal... Bin gerade im Nord-Westen Englands Spr…4 Replies
constructed wetland - horizontal durchströmte PflanzenkläranlageLast post 22 Aug 08, 09:15
'horizontal' muss gestrichen werden allein der Begriff "constructed wetland" lässt nicht au…7 Replies
Horizontal (non-physical sense)Last post 01 Nov 07, 14:25
Does any one know what this actually means when used to describe something like an idea or p…3 Replies
Horizontal scroll barLast post 05 Mar 07, 09:38
In typing a message, I have noticed a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Kommentar f…5 Replies
horizontal coursingLast post 21 May 06, 21:31
The fill panels between the piers of the so-called west boundary wall are constructed in sma…1 Replies
Horizontal outsideLast post 14 Nov 06, 22:33
Es geht um Fluchtwege aus Gebäuden, die nach draußen führen müssen, allerdings muss es sich …5 Replies
horizontal descender Last post 09 Apr 08, 14:59
For flat facade signage, it is essential that the horizontal cabling profile used for each t…8 Replies
horizontal crossingLast post 09 Jul 08, 12:18
"Companies frequently find themselves faced with the need to adapt their activity to circums…2 Replies
Horizontal agreementLast post 17 Mar 07, 12:44
Hat jemand eine Idee?1 Replies