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salonfähig - acceptableLast post 05 Dec 07, 17:55
Die SPS als reine Softwarelösung wird salonfähig. Fujitsu Siemens macht mit dem Deutschland…5 Replies
"Acceptable" rates for proofreadingLast post 02 Mar 06, 10:56
Have been asked to correct/proofread medical manuscripts written by German professionals and…4 Replies
thanx acceptable spelling now??Last post 06 May 17, 09:54
My English friend just told me that THANX has become an acceptable way of spelling THANKS ac…5 Replies
acceptable, bearable, tolerable - hinnehmbarLast post 27 Mar 13, 15:13
Die Schmerzen sind hinnehmbar. - The pain is bearable/tolerable. Das Ergebnis is hinnehmbar.…4 Replies
Ausfallmaß - acceptable sizeLast post 08 Jun 09, 07:58
Angabe des tatsächlich, nach Werkzeuganfertigung eingetretenen Maßes auf Technischen Zeichnu…0 Replies
Kissing in public more acceptable in Germany?Last post 24 Mar 10, 22:33
In the past few weeks, I've seen several couples not just kissing but smooching and even ton…70 Replies
Soweit tarifvertragliche... Is this acceptable - Is the following acceptable ?Last post 08 Mar 08, 16:10
I pen thee thus... ;). Soweit tarfvertragliche Regelungen existieren, erlangen diese insow…1 Replies
acceptable cutLast post 25 May 07, 10:48
A completion guarantee arranges through IFG in a form stisfacory to the Bank including accep…8 Replies
strong acceptableLast post 21 Mar 14, 19:44
In essence, the program clearly identified that in order to develop and identify strong accep…1 Replies
acceptable (in polite society) - salonfähigLast post 30 Jan 08, 13:52
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=430448&idForum=1&lp=ende&lang=d1 Replies