Possible base forms for "angle"

   angeln (Verb)
   sich angeln (Verb)

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elbow, standpoint, bend, nook

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angleLast post 30 Aug 10, 17:45
All connections are located in the base plate of the gun, that means that during maintenance…2 Replies
angleLast post 15 Feb 12, 14:27
They sang the song with different angles. Von einer singenden Kirchengemeinde werden Filmau…12 Replies
angle-by-angle approach Last post 09 Mar 08, 19:49
An angle-by-angle approach to predicting broadband high-frequency sound fields in rectangula…2 Replies
hook angle / rake angleLast post 24 Apr 11, 20:03
Betr.: Manufacture of bevel gears The back surfaces of the cutting blades have rake and/or …8 Replies
Face angle - KopfkegelwinkelLast post 21 Mar 07, 17:38
Verwendung in der Kegelradverzahnung0 Replies
Root angle - FußkegelwinkelLast post 21 Mar 07, 17:39
Verwendung in der Kegelradverzahnung0 Replies
angle gage - WinkelmesserLast post 06 Feb 06, 15:59
http://www.measuringequipment.com.au/page/angle_gauge.html Although its not used quite as o…1 Replies
approach angle, angle of approach - (Vorderer) BöschungswinkelLast post 14 Oct 09, 11:50
http://4wdtrailzone.50webs.com/The_Breakover_Angle_explanation.htm: Angle of Approach When …0 Replies
(side)slip angle, attitude angle, angle of deviation - SchwimmwinkelLast post 15 Jan 19, 15:30
vehicle float angle (vielleicht) Der Schwimmwinkel ist der Winkel zwischen der Fahrzeuglängs…0 Replies
liminal angleLast post 14 Apr 05, 10:24
... the mean liminal angle of lateral roots was found to be 76°. In the inclined plots, the …2 Replies

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