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   der Rang (Noun)

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range - MassenpunktLast post 03 Mar 05, 16:23
I think that this is a wrong entry. I am lecture in Physics at Oxford and have never heard t…1 Replies
hill range - ZugLast post 07 May 14, 23:12
range 19. a chain of mountains forming a single system: the Cascade Range. http://www.the…1 Replies
operable temperature range - TemperaturbereichLast post 16 Jun 05, 11:43
Temperaturbereich - temeprature range ist bereits richtig drin. Die oben kritisierte Überstz…3 Replies
shutter speed range - ZeitenbereicheLast post 09 Jan 12, 15:48
1) Panolux Arbeitsbereiche Panolux 135: Blendenbereich k=4...16 Zeitenbereich t=1/500...1…3 Replies
range hood - die DunstabszugshaubeLast post 03 Nov 11, 15:36
obvious typo: die Dunstabszugshaube2 Replies
range of key - MerkmalsbereichLast post 03 Feb 16, 13:36
While I'm not ready to suggest a translation of "Merkmalsbereich," I find it hard to believ…5 Replies
vertical range of manufacture - FertigungstiefeLast post 11 Jun 10, 10:35
It is difficult to say whether or not "Fertigungstiefe" is a word that has a wide-spread equ…5 Replies
range diagram - StreudiagrammLast post 21 Nov 05, 13:20
Der im Deutschen im Fachbereich Statistik gebräuchliche Ausdruck "Streudiagramm" bezeichnet …1 Replies
mountain - GebirgeLast post 10 Jul 12, 17:46
Langenscheidt's learner's dictionary, and my personal knowledge, doesn't equate Gebirge with…1 Replies
long-range effort - FernwirkungLast post 23 Aug 13, 11:03
http://www.google.co.uk/#fp=a6163c62de777a48&q=Fernwirkung+%22long-range+effort%22 6 hits fo…3 Replies