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quail, qualm, quarl Qual, Quall, Qualm

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equitable, homologous, equivalent, equally

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equal-zero-emission Adj. [AUTOM.] - emissionsfreiLast post 07 Apr 18, 22:37
 equal-zero-emission ist kein Adjektiv, oder?6 Replies
lower or equalLast post 20 Dec 06, 17:29
lower than sth, equal to sth, aber: lower or equal than sth. Oder doch lower or equal to s…3 Replies
Equal employment opportunity self-identificationLast post 13 Dec 12, 22:50
Als Freiberufler bewerbe ich mich international um Aufträge. US-Unternehmen fordern dabei of…6 Replies
equal - gleich???Last post 11 Aug 04, 17:22
I hardly can express how I feel for you because there are no words equal to express my love.…2 Replies
equal - GleichLast post 09 Jan 09, 18:09
equal-same. Verstehe den Unterschied nicht.2 Replies
betragsgleich - equalLast post 05 Feb 14, 10:42
betragsgleiche Winkel -> equal angles1 Replies
"Larger or equal to" or "larger or equal than"Last post 21 Feb 08, 16:12
Der Satz: The size is larger or equal than / to five. Es heißt ja "larger than" aber "equa…2 Replies
isochorous - isokor [Augenheilkunde]Last post 20 Mar 16, 12:38
"isocoria [i″so-ko´re-ah]equality of size of the pupils of the two eyes."Miller-Keane E0 Replies
breadboard equal Steckplatine - Steckplatine gleich breadboardLast post 04 Oct 10, 22:25
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steckplatine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadboard Der deutsc…0 Replies
Equal goes it loose....Last post 19 Mar 08, 15:49
Today morning had i an outwiping Discussion have about the Question if man direct from Germa…24 Replies

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