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continuous form paper [print.][comp.] - ComputerpapierLast post 20 Aug 10, 15:22
Computerpapier muss nicht immer endlos sein.7 Replies
Present continuousLast post 27 Apr 05, 21:42
I'm sure that this text is hardly readable, but I try my best! Can someone say me, what key…11 Replies
continuing / continuousLast post 31 Mar 07, 10:36
Sind die beiden Ausdrücke im Englischen eigentlich austauschbar oder haben sie verschiedene …5 Replies
continuous/simpleLast post 30 Jul 18, 22:13
I have been reading (in fact, I have just read) The Time Traveler's Wife. It occurred to me …0 Replies
Future continuousLast post 22 Feb 19, 09:37
Mir ist aufgefallen, dass Amerikaner (von Briten weiß ich es nicht) zuweilen die Continuous-…10 Replies
Simple / Continuous presentLast post 10 Jun 09, 20:11
Hallo, ist es möglich, bei einer Bildbeschreibung zu sagen: "you can see a girl, who holds …7 Replies
Progressive vs. ContinuousLast post 13 May 09, 11:33
Ist progressive ein Synonym für Continuous? Ich kenne z.B. Present continuous aber in manche…1 Replies
continuing, continuous, continualLast post 13 Sep 08, 16:17
can anyone explain the semantic differences? continual is repetitive, but with interruption…1 Replies
Present Perfect ContinuousLast post 01 Feb 10, 19:18
"I think the waiter has forgotten us. We have been waiting here for over half an hour and no…2 Replies
sometimes + present continuousLast post 27 Nov 07, 21:25
worin liegt der Unterschied ob ich sage sometimes we are having difficulties finding and f…6 Replies