Possible base forms for "cooling"

    cool (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

codling, coiling, cooking, cowling, fooling, pooling, tooling

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Recooling - RückkühlungLast post 27 Feb 11, 11:12
In many German texts, I find "Rückkühlung/Rückühler" translated to "Recooling/Recooler/...".…3 Replies
Impingement cooling - PrallkühlungLast post 14 May 08, 11:03
http://www.mtu.de/en/globals/glossary/I/impingement_cooling/index.html http://www.mtu.de/de/…0 Replies
cooling - sich abkühlendLast post 30 May 13, 12:47
Despite the cooling economy in China, consumers are willing top pay premium on safe food. na…0 Replies
Kälteschleier - cooling veilLast post 20 Aug 07, 08:40
Es handelt sich um eine Umluftkühlvitrine für Lebensmittel mit einer sogenannten Schleierküh…2 Replies
Concrete core cooling (CCC) - BetonkernaktivierungLast post 20 Dec 06, 13:38
http://odge.info/german-english/Betonkernaktivierung+{f}.html I'm pretty sure this is what …3 Replies
cooling processLast post 08 Nov 06, 09:58
wissenschaftlicher artikel (i) The demanded basic variables (B) will be reduced from a highe…7 Replies
force coolingLast post 01 Jul 08, 17:17
Listeneintrag ohne Kontext2 Replies
cooling rackLast post 07 May 10, 11:08
http://www.amazon.com/Fox-Run-Stackable-10-Inch-14-Inch/dp/B000QIZ1AU/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=h…1 Replies
jump cooling; leading edge swirl coolingLast post 16 Sep 11, 10:22
Aus der Energietechnik: Vorstellung einer Gasturbine "Advanced cooling uses jump cooling on…2 Replies
Kühlwasser/Kühlmittel - cooling water/coolantLast post 26 Jul 07, 11:40
While on my travels I was sitting at a coach station when a coach pulled up and stopped with…2 Replies