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improvementsLast post 16 Dec 16, 07:56
Es geht um Bauarbeiten in einer Wohnanlage: Permitting is required when making any improve…17 Replies
improvements to oder improvements for? Last post 26 Aug 08, 14:51
Kontext: Bereich Informatik. Es gibt eine neue Version einer Software, und in diesem Rahmen …3 Replies
leasehold improvementsLast post 31 Aug 09, 15:19
aus einem letter of intent The amount allocable to the equipment, fixtures and leasehold imp…3 Replies
drafting improvementsLast post 13 May 08, 14:40
Improving the overall readability and understandability of the ISAs through structural and d…3 Replies
municipal improvementsLast post 18 Jun 08, 19:36
municipal improvements Den Sinn kann ich verstehen, das treffende deutsche Wort weiss ich a…1 Replies
Tenant ImprovementsLast post 26 Sep 07, 09:18
Tenant Improvements means any fittings and furnishings required to be undertaken in relation…2 Replies
capital improvementsLast post 04 Jun 08, 19:01
Die Stadt NYC finanziert capital improvements. Es handelt sich z.B. um die Reperatur von Abw…2 Replies
improvements madeLast post 22 Mar 13, 18:03
Please rank the following in terms of improvements made from 1-6: Not improved (1) Improvem…2 Replies
recommendations for improvementsLast post 25 Jan 07, 14:48
Wie heißt das zu gut Deutsch??2 Replies
non-severable improvementsLast post 19 May 08, 10:32
Improvements which cannot be used or exploited without infringing the Patents and or the Tec…1 Replies

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