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Orthographically similar words

indicated, indicted, indictee, indicter, vindicate

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betoken, suggest

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to indicate directions - Akzente setzenLast post 13 Jul 06, 23:12
Ist das ein mir, aber auch AHD und MW unbekanntes Ideom, oder einfach falsch?1 Replies
to indicate - blinkenLast post 13 Sep 05, 14:51
Internet Surely this should be in the dictionary!6 Replies
indicate - namhaft machenLast post 27 Nov 09, 12:17
"Deshalb werden BewerberInnen, die sich für eines unserer „High-Demand-Countries“, näm0 Replies
to indicateLast post 19 Aug 08, 19:07
The pictures portrayed in the presentation also indicate a progression from the first (image…1 Replies
Word field "death" - structures to indicate meansLast post 24 Apr 06, 22:22
"death by lethal injection" is a common phrase. I wonder what structures are possible with t…1 Replies
Too many results. Please indicate usual translations.Last post 03 Apr 03, 13:06
I often use a printed dictionary (Langenscheidt) instead of LEO. The reason is: LEO contains…22 Replies
auf Unzulänglichkeiten hinweisen - indicate shortcomingsLast post 21 Apr 10, 18:49
Sie weisen auf Unzulänglichkeiten in der nationalen Immigrationspolitik hin. They indicate …1 Replies
indicate the directionLast post 16 Jan 08, 11:00
1) If you want to indicate the direction you have to use the following words: " from" and " …1 Replies
indicate resale useLast post 11 Apr 10, 13:52
XX's ability to indicate non-personal, transferred or resale use is impaired. Kontext: AGBs1 Replies
indicate vs. suggestLast post 01 Oct 16, 12:26
Kann mir jemand nochmal den genauen Unterschied zwischen indicate und suggest erklären?Ist e…6 Replies